1.  Always  answer, address and greet your instructor properly.
2.  Students must bow when entering and leaving the school.
3.  You must wear the proper uniform to participate in class.
4.  Shoes and equipment must be placed neatly in the designated area.
5.  No food, drink, or gum is permitted in the training area.
6. For safety reasons no shoes, socks, jewelry or watches are permitted to be worn during class.
7.  Parents and visitor are encouraged to watch class.   But we do not allow coaching from the sidelines.
8.  We ask that you silence your cell phones upon entering the school and take all phone calls outside.
9. During class students, parents, and visitors should refrain from unnecessary talking or moving around.
10.  At the end of class we encourage parents and visitors to support the students' good effort with applause.  


1.  Come early, 5-10 minutes before class and be ready to learn.

2.  Come often, student should attend 2 classes per week.

3.  Work hard, Listen, watch and learn.

4.  Have fun, but we don not train to be entertained.

5.  Do your homework, practice at home everyday.

6.  Test regularly, belt promotions are held every 3 months.

7.  If you are going to miss a week or more of classes please notify your instructor asap.

8.  Avoid breaks in your training of a month or more.

9.  Special events and seminars are held to supplement training, make every effort to attend.

10.  We highly recommend parents to join with their kids.  

        Martial arts is one of the few activities parents can do alongside their children.  


*    We offer two ways to join monthly or 3 months prepaid.

*    Membership fees are due the first day of classes each month or 3 month period.

*    Absences of a month or longer must be approved in advance by your instructor.

*    Failure to pay membership dues or get approval for extended absences may result in the loss of future 

      membership opportunities. 

*    Lack of attendance does not affect your obligation to pay the full membership fees.

*    Class size is limited and the only way to reserve your spot is with continued membership.

*    Membership fees do not include uniforms, sparing gear, weapons, special events or belt testing.


FAST TKD uses a rotating curriculum.  This means every testing cycle a new series of requirements are taught, practiced and tested.  For example we may teach ITF forms, World TKD forms, various weapons, self defense or breaking.


Testing cycles are 12 weeks in length and belt promotion is scheduled at the end of every cycle.  To qualify for promotion you must be a paid member for the entire 3 month testing cycle.  You must be proficient at all of the requirements taught during the cycle for your level and you must have attended the minimum of 20 classes.  


Training in martial arts is not about getting a black belt, its about earning and being one.  Black belts are role models to others and highly respected members of FAST TKD.  With continuous training one can achieve the rank of black belt first degree in 3 to 5 years.