About Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is translated as the art or way of punching and kicking.  It is an excellent method of self defense and physical fitness.  But its popularity is attributed to its proven ability to develop discipline, respect, confidence, and leadership skills in each of its students.

History of Tae Kwon Do

The history of Tae Kwon Do can be traced back to 1955, when a special board of grand masters met to unify all styles of martial arts in Korea under one name.  The name the majority agreed upon was Tae Kwon Do.  Despite the few who chose not to participate in the name change, the many different styles of Tae Kwon Do are practiced worldwide by millions of students today. 

FAST Tae Kwon Do

Was created by Master Kotwa, and at our school we choose to use curriculum from a variety of Tae Kwon Do styles.  And we choose to follow the example set forth by General Choi in the Oh Do Kwan.  One of the original 9 Kwans (martial art schools) in Korea.  At the Oh Do Kwan, it was common place to invite instructors from outside the ODK to their school as guest instructors.  The purpose was to incorporate training and techniques from other disciplines and styles into the ODK curriculum.  At FAST TKD this is something we try to do as much as possible.  

Kwan Jang Nim

Master Kotwa opened his first school in 2002 using the unique experience he gained working under Grandmaster Kong, who was a first generation Tae Kwon Do student and the first ITF world champion.  As Grandmaster Kong's righthand man he learned far more than a traditional student who attends 2 maybe 3 times per week.  As and assistant instructor Master Kotwa spent sometimes 60 hours a week at the school with Grandmaster Kong.  

Master Kotwa has also seriously trained in and incorporates curriculum from many other martial arts into FAST Tae Kwon Do, including Kali, Muay Thai, Judo, Tai Chi, Jiu Jitsu, Capoeira, and Guided Chaos.  Many students train in martial arts, Master Kotwa has devoted his life to them.